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*Trading involves significant risk of loss

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Trading involves significant risk of loss
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Trader Amount Investors
1# Haggagfx $1M 1190
2# GainsPTWS $661K 1041
3# Signal Guide $671K 564
4# The PipsMasterUK $7M 6743
5# ProfitCV $56K 180
6# Eureka nzd $152K 152
7# A1forexfund $39K 124
8# Rydwaves $30K 84
Top Traders
Combined top 5 traders' performance $965,527 (109337.5 pips).
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Mirror Crypto Trades
The ZuluTrade platform allows you to mirror-trade with popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies traded peer-to-peer on a blockchain, independent of centralised authorities. Being entirely virtual, they are not backed by physical commodities and have no intrinsic value.
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From the vast array of trading instruments and state of the art platform to the impeccable customer support and extensive market knowledge, EverFX is the ideal trading environment for beginners.
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Trading involves significant risk of loss